Message from the Van Wert Fire Department:

• We are still open and responding to calls. If you call, we will respond. Our residents have been great so far about not calling. Please ONLY call 911 for true, life threatening emergencies. When you do, stay on the line and answer all of the questions. Please help us protect ourselves and our community, the health of our employees means operational efficiency. We are practicing social distancing just as you are!

• Do not be alarmed if we show up at your house or a neighbor’s house and you see us wearing gowns, gloves, goggles, and facemasks. We are following CDC guidelines for all possible encounters. We have altered our operations and responses to protect you, our community, and ourselves.

• Please consult your Primary Care Physician for medical questions or for guidance in treatment if you are sick. They should be your first call unless you are in serious distress.

• Be aware, if you have signs and symptoms, but not serious respiratory distress, we will encourage you to seek care other than the ER. We, as a community, need to make sure to leave the ER for Emergencies. There are still strokes and heart attacks happening. If you go to the ER, you will be surrounded by other sick people. Our goal is to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

• We are not currently conducting station tours, allowing visitors (even our own families), conducting in person training, or even coming outside to chat with folks.

• Thank you for your support and for following the guidance being put out.

• WASH YOUR HANDS, encourage social distancing and be kind to each other.

• Stay home if at all possible!

• To contact the Van Wert Fire Department in a NON-emergency situation, please call 419-238-4918.

Message From The Chief

Welcome to the Van Wert Fire Department page! Since 1869, our department has been dedicated to serving and protecting our hometown of Van Wert. The dedication and strong work ethic of our firefighters, that serve our community, can be visualized daily.

Over the past 150 years the role and responsibilities of our fire department have changed. What used to be just fire protection and emergency medical services now includes many other specialized services. Van Wert Fire is proud to offer water and ice rescue, grain bin rescue, heavy rescue and high angle rope rescue. The firefighters are trained in hazmat operations, fire safety inspections, public education and fire plan reviews. Our department is also proud to provide and assist, advanced life support response to the entire Van Wert County. Van Wert Fire strives to keep pace with emerging programs and trainings so we can continually provide the finest services possible to our citizens, business owners and visitors.

“Guarding My Every Neighbor,” is the department motto and the professionalism and dedication for our neighbors is our first mission, every day. I personally invite you to stop by to meet your local firefighters and tour the department.

Respectfully, Chief Jon Jones

Recreational Fires

Burn Permit pamplet

A pamphlet to answer your questions on recreational fires.

Knox Box Information

KnoxBox Solutions

Using one key, the Knox Rapid Access System removes barriers to entry when first responders respond to an emergency call.

150 Years Sesquicentennial Celebration

Guarding My Every Neighbor