Let's Just Walk - Walk to a Healthier You

When: Mondays, April 26th -Aug 9th (15 Weeks – No walk will be scheduled on Memorial Day, May 31st)
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Locations will vary (Click on “Let’s Just Walk” Link below for brochure)

NO Registration Required

In order to promote healthy lifestyles and to fight the rising trend of obesity and inactivity, we have developed a low key walking program that everyone will have success with. There are so many benefits to walking; it helps to improve muscle strength, flexibility, metabolism and endurance; it helps to prevent excess body fat, osteoporosis, depression and even lower back pain; it can help strengthen your immune system, increase your energy level and manage your weight. Each week you will receive a healthy recipe along with other tips to keep you on track of living a healthier life. Although we will only be meeting Mondays, everyone is encouraged to walk a minimum of three times a week. Even though this program is under ‘Adult Programs’, youth and teens are welcome to join us!

"Let's Just Walk" Brochure & Locations