Treasurer, Charles A. White

The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall be elected for a term of four years, commencing on the first day of January next after his election, except that the first municipal treasurer elected in a newly incorporated municipal corporation shall take office immediately upon receiving a certificate of election pursuant to section 3505.38 of the Revised Code and shall serve from that time until four years from the first day of January after his election. Each municipal treasurer shall be an elector of the municipal corporation.

The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall demand and receive, from the county treasurer, taxes levied and assessments made and certified to the county auditor by the legislative authority of such municipal corporation and placed on the tax list by such auditor for collection, moneys, from persons authorized to collect or required to pay them, accruing to the municipal corporation from any judgments, fines, penalties, forfeitures, licenses, and costs taxed in mayor’s court, and debts due the municipal corporation. Such funds shall be disbursed by the treasurer on the order of any person authorized by law or ordinance to issue orders therefor.