Park Pavilions

All the pavilions in the City of Van Wert Park System are available to families, businesses, and community groups on a reservation and rental basis. Make your reservation early for the pavilions fill up fast. Reservations are accepted for the current year beginning January 2nd. Call the park office 419-238-9121 to reserve a pavilion for your family reunion, birthday party, wedding or company picnic.

Online Reservation

Pavilion Reservation Policy

  • Once a reservation is placed with the park office the reservation form must be signed and payment received within 5 business days.
  • Cancellations must be made 30 days in advance before a full refund can be issued.
  • In the event of weather cancellations, as deemed by the Parks and Recreation Department, reservations can be rescheduled but no refunds will be given.
  • Reservation Fee $50 for Jubilee Pavilions, Smiley Pavilions, Rotary Pavilion and Fountain Park Gazebo.
  • See satellite images of Smiley and Jubilee to see pavilion locations.
  • Call the Park Office for Fountain Park or any parks for Special Events.

Franklin Park Pavilion

Franklin Park Pavilion, the newest addition to our park system, is also available to reserve. This Pavilion is split into two sections, East and West. Fee schedule for this pavilion is as follows.

  • East $50
  • West $50
  • Entire Pavilion-East & West $100

Rotary Concession Building-Fountain Park

Rotary Concession Building located at Fountain Park is primarily used during the Summer Concert Series but is available for community and special events.

Reservation Policy
Rental Fee: $50
A contract must be filled out for the use of the Concession Building. A breach in the contract revokes one’s future use of the facility. If food will be vended out at the concession you must also obtain a temporary food permit from the Van Wert County Board of Health.

Click here for the Fountain Park Rotary Concessions Stand Contract: Fountain Park Rotary Concession