Mayor, Kenneth J. Markward

Mayor's Radio Conference

“Working Together Works”

Elected officials of the City of Van Wert and Van Wert County have recognized the shortcomings of two economic development entities, one City and one County. Recognizing the benefits of coming together to form a stronger, more effective organization, the “Van Wert Area Economic Development Corporation” (VWAEDC) was created. The VWAEDC is a 501(c) (3) corporation with a membership of more than six hundred citizens from within and outside of the area. At this time, the majority of the funding to support the operations of VWAEDC is shared equally between the City and the County.

The Board of Directors of VWAEDC is made up of three members approved by the City Council, three members appointed by the County Commissioners, and three members elected from and by the paid membership.

The VWAEDC opened its doors at 145 East Main Street, Van Wert, Ohio, on January 1, 2017. An extensive search for the most qualified person to lead the Economic Development efforts was conducted by the Board. After interviewing several qualified candidates, the Board offered the Economic Development Director’s position to Ms. Stacy Adam. Stacy is an experienced business person with a proven track record managing a multi-million dollar national corporation.

Stacy, being a Van Wert County native with business and farming interests here, wanted to contribute her experience and talents to the future success of our area.

For information regarding business growth opportunities and incentives in Van Wert City and County, please contact Ms. Stacy Adam, Director, Van Wert Area Economic Development Corporation, 145 E. Main Street, Van Wert, Ohio 45891; telephone: 419-238-2999 or by website at

As Mayor, I state with confidence that we are on a path to success through growth. Being unified, we are a stronger competitor for those businesses looking for a location in the Midwest close to agriculture and the automotive industry. We have not one, but three sites ready and available for food and beverage companies. There are several free property opportunities in the Vision Park Industrial area available for companies bringing jobs to Van Wert. There is also a property of one hundred fifty acres in southern Van Wert poised for industrial development, as well as the 1600 acre Megasite adjacent to U.S. 30 northeast of town.

It takes more than one person or company to bring success to an area. We are blessed by having many individuals and groups with the desire to see the City and County prosper. Among them are the Community Investment Corporation (CIC), the Business Development Corporation (BDC), the Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Group, and the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

In addition to local people making a difference, our unified Economic Development Corporation has attracted the attention of Jobs Ohio and Regional Growth Partners (RGP). RGP is the business outreach group that is contracted by Jobs Ohio for the purpose of bringing new business into the state. RGP landed more than ten foreign companies in 2016, all of which will be setting up shop and hiring people in northwest Ohio. We are working closely with RGP and look forward to them assisting us in bringing new business opportunities to Van Wert City and County.

Please join me in making our City a welcoming place for new business investors to decide that Van Wert is the place to locate their business.