Field Practice Policy & Procedures

1. Teams are limited to 2 hours of reserved practice a week. Practice can be scheduled for two days for 1 hour each day or one day for 2 hours.

2. To reserve a field call the Jubilee Park Office NO EARLIER then 8:30 am at 419-238-9121 Monday through Friday. No Reservations will be done via TEXTing!

3. Fields can only be reserved for one week in advance. Fields do not have an established game schedule that is consistent from week to week. This makes it difficult to schedule practices for an entire season for a specific day, time and location for a team practice.

4. Once a reservation is made, coaches must obtain a reservation slip from the Jubilee Park Office, 137 Gleason Ave. This form must be picked up prior to the reserved time OR it can be emailed to the coach as long as an email address is on file at the park office. (Purpose of the reservation form is to avoid conflicts and confusion of what field and time a team has a scheduled practice.)

5. Teams can reserve a field for practice at the earliest time of 8am and the latest of 8pm. Reservations for field practice times will be accepted for Monday through Friday only. Saturdays and Sundays are on a first come first served basis. If a field is prepared for a game you are asked to stay off the field.

6. No Field lights will be utilized for any practices or scrimmages.

Below are fields available to reserve and the age level of the field.

Smiley Park
Fisher Field (Field #1) – Acme, Jr Acme, 8th Club BB
Bachman Field (Field #2) – Llittle League, Girls Fast Pitch, Adult SB, T-Ball, Minor League
Mosier Field (Field #3) – Acme, Jr Acme, Pony League, Little League, Club BB, Adult SB, Girls Fast Pitch, T-Ball, Minor League
Field #4 – Adult SB, Little League, Girls Fast Pitch, T-Ball, Minor League

Rotary Athletic Complex Field
Little League, Girls Fast Pitch, T-Ball, Minor League, Adult SB (Please Note: This area has a great deal of grass areas where multiple teams can practice)

Jubilee Park
JB Field – Girls Fast Pitch, T-Ball, Minor League, Little League
First Bank of Berne Field – Little League, Girls Fast Pitch, T-Ball, Minor League

At any time teams utilizes City of Van Wert park facilities for games or practices we ask that you have respect for others. When a diamond is prepared for a game, dragged and lined, show courtesy to the teams for the whom the field is prepared for by not walking or disturbing the infield areas of the field.

The parks are here for you to enjoy! Please pick up after yourself; Throw all your trash in the trash receptacles provided through out the park and in each dug out! Respect the facilities, don’t be destructive, it takes many man hours plus your tax dollars to maintain the parks, park structures, playgrounds and athletic fields.