Van Wert Police Department

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The Van Wert Police Department currently consists of 21 sworn officers, 6 dispatchers, 2 reserve officers, 1 computer and information manager, and 1 administrative assistant. The Police Department is divided into two divisions: Uniform and Administrative. The Uniform Division is composed of 1 lieutenant, 4 sergeants, 11 sworn officers, 6 dispatchers, and 2 reserve officers. The Administrative Division encompasses the Investigative and Records Bureau and has 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant, 2 detectives , a computer and information manager, and an administrative assistant.

In addition to their primary duties, the Van Wert Police Department continues to ensure employees are trained in specialized areas of police work, so the department can handle the many challenging aspects of law enforcement. The department currently has 1 Special Response Team (6 members), 1 Sniper Team (3 members), 3 Hostage Negotiators, 2 Range Officers, 2 Use of Force Instructors, 1 Crime Scene Unit (4 members) and 1 DARE/School Liaison.


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